Skilled chefs will captivate guests as they enjoy the magic unfold in the open kitchen. Hand-stretched Neapolitan-style pizza is tossed in to a 900 degree Kiawe Wood Pizza Oven and traditional Italian food is given a wonderful Hawaiian twist.
Restaurant patrons will feel welcomed and inspired to enjoy several levels of dining: an elevated yet casual Italian dine-in experience within the restaurant or a simple yet delicious takeout meal at the beach.
The open-aired venue gives a warm glow with inviting natural elements such as wood furnishing, beautiful cream-colored marble. The décor is chic yet understated by way of unique light fixtures, painted walls, upholstery and artwork.
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Fresh. Bold. Creative.

This is the quintessence of the exciting new Appetito Craft Pizza & Wine Bar, offering a classic Italian fare with many local influenced products.
Delight hand craft pizzas from a Kiawe Wood Fire Oven have an unbeatable flavor and absolutely enjoyable teste to everyone’s palette.
The menu is designed to encourage sharing, allowing guests to sample various menu items and delight in Chef’s culinary creativity. Many of creations will provide fantastic marriage with our selected quality wines.
To pay tribute to Restaurant’s beautiful setting in Waikiki, select dishes will feature modern twists that subtly nod to Hawaiian culture through local ingredients.
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Skilled chefs will captivate guests as they enjoy the magic unfold in the open kitchen, ran by Chef de Cuisine Naomi Ito. Regional Executive Chef Hiro Mimura of Taormina Sicilian Cuisine has overseen the new menu alongside Tokyo Chef and restaurant creator David Chiddo, ensuring that Appetito remains true to its authentic Italian roots.
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Our beverage selection beautifully compliments our culinary program to create a draw and provide a distinctive reason to visit.
The Restaurant’s vibrant Wine Bar is as ideal for vacationing guests looking to unwind and celebrate as it is for locals and businesspeople looking to spend quality time with friends, clients or colleagues.
Patrons will find a select list of over 100 fine wines—available by the bottle and by the glass, along with craft beers, homemade limoncello, and handcrafted cocktails inspired by the island’s culture.


The bright, open and modern venue boasts an upbeat vibe with laid back Hawaiian hospitality, reinforced by a welcoming team of proficient ambassadors and passionate cooks.
All team members at Appetito are attentive, personable and knowledgeable of each menu offerings and ingredients used, providing guests with stellar service and abundant hospitality. Throughout the customer experience, all guest-facing team members will go above and beyond to interact with each diner and accommodate each customer’s need through sincere greetings, recommendations.